CronLab is a young, fast paced and innovative company doing its best to improve the security for all users of the web. Our cloud based web filtering service is the backbone of all our offerings when performing integrations or improving the safety in our customers products. It is a well tested, highly scalable and low latency introducing platform capable of supporting huge amounts of users. More than a million users are in contact with our platform through our customers products and services.

What we do

CronLab work for a safer Internet browsing experience. We develop cloud based services that improve the probability of Internet users to not being exposed to unwanted, malicious or fraudulent content. The aspiration is to be an innovative partner to our customers and thereby improving their products and protecting their users.


Where we do it

Europe is our main market, but we sell services to any customer in the world interested in integrating web filtering services into their own products. We have our largest customers based out of France, Sweden, UK and Germany. The devices are though truly mobile and used all over the world.


How we do it

Our services are developed with modern technologies and agile methods. This implies that we try to involve our customers as much as possible in frequent planning in what is to be included in each sprint. The technologies used are chosen depending on the problem they are to solve. Of course there are things that we are better at than others, but we are afraid of nothing when it comes to learning new technologies.



CronLab was founded in 2010 by two Swedes, Daniel Axsäter and Markus Berglund. The two founders are not operatively involved in the business, but steer the company in the right direction through being highly involved as active owners and board members. Since the start the team at CronLab has been doing its best to give our customer a safer Internet experience. We are a Swedish company with a UK mother, running all operations from Sweden.


The Team

We are a young team of development oriented people, always looking for new problems to solve for the sake of our customers.


We have several years of experience from integrating our cloud based web filtering back-end into customers' own products. Here are a few examples on actual or possible environments and products where our service will make a difference.

Safe tablets for Kids

The Android based Kurio Tab protect child safety and integrity

Onboard safety

We secure internet on busses and trains

Your broadband

An integration into your broadband router gives you authentication and security


With our Green Box you can provide a secure WiFi hotspot for your customers or visitors

News & Blog

Below you find news and blog articles produced in relationship to what is happening at CronLab.

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