Why use the cloud instead of running the servers in-house?

Can your company really afford this and can you as an IT manager set the resources aside for reassuring your company management team that they are as protected from fraud and IT havoc as much as possible?

It is a trust thing. Many prospects we talk to are still in the phase where they feel more comfortable with having the possibility of seeing their own servers in their own data centers. They do not trust a cloud service provider enough to allow them to filter out bad things before it reaches their network, and just by doing that lowering the potential risk of infecting the network with viruses or fraud towards the company.

Below we give you a couple of reasons to use a cloud based service for information security instead of software installed on local servers in your own network:

  1. You filter out malicious code and fraud attempts before they reach you network
  2. You may use your scarce resources for more core business related IT tasks
  3. No need to install or update software
  4. No need to manage servers in a rack in your network
  5. Statistics show that 60-80% of all mail traffic is considered spam. Taking this traffic away before it reaches your network will provide network bandwidth for other things or even allow you to use a cheaper internet connection
  6. No need to dedicate staff to keep a daily eye on what is happening in the information security arena. And things happen every day, trust us…

So, nothing should be stopping you now if you ever have been hesitant to use a cloud service provider for you information security.

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