The CronLab Development Strategy

We build a lot of our services around open source technology and we don’t just take, we give back as well. As we are true to the open source philosophy we also contribute to some projects where we find us improving something. We have our hearts in the right places.

Our customer focus is explained through us working on tasks that may allow the end user and the administrators to interact as little as possible with our systems. Ther wis no need for hooking up our anti spam services to a catalog server or create any accounts. All accounts are created when they are needed, by the user, and not before it is needed. Sometimes this strategy is creating a problem for us, since the customer for long periods never have to use our interfaces or contact our support, and thereby forgets where to log in and what password he or she had. But we aid the end user in that through our easy to use features. We will never change that customer focus.

Through smart design and architecture of our technology and development team we find ourselves running a very reliable, stable and secure system environment. All our services is based on well tested server architectures and components and on top of that Linux as an operative system makes our world a calm one.

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