What we do

The services that CronLab develop, run and sell are web filtering services. We incorporate our security functionality and knowledge into our customer’s products and solutions, e.g. tablets and smart phones in need of specific information security services.

CronLab has grown and evolved significantly since its birth. Today CronLab has left the anti spam business to focus on providing the market with web filtering services as an OEM service, or as services sold via the web to companies and families.

We have our heart in information security and want to continue to bring a safe internet experience to both families, kids and business people. The problem with fraudulent and inappropriate content on the net is not going away, it’s rather the opposite situation. We want to continue on the path of securing peoples web surfing experience.

There are so many great products and ideas out there! We are sure of that you have an idea of what you need in relation to your products to keep your customers safe and protected from fraudulent or malicious behaviour on the internet. If we integrate our competencies and services we can do great things for your customers.

The possibilities are enormous with everything being connected via software communicating via Internet. Areas such as infotainment systems in vehicles, WiFi-hotspots in restaurants, cafés and train stations are all examples where a web filter is needed to keep control on what is being retrieved and how much.

CronLab has developed a very easy to integrate API which takes advantage of our administrative portal, fully customised to our integration partners wants and needs.