Safe tablets

The CES fair of 2016 gave us a certain hint and this was also visualised by Living In Digital Times on the 6th of January 2015.

“This is the year when Bluetooth, mobile, internet and sensors are coming together to make everything digital, helping families live their connected lives as a unit,” said Robin Raskin, founder and president of Living in Digital Times, during a breakfast meeting when presenting the exciting times for family devices.

The family of today and in a near future will be taking advantage of the Internet of Things, wearable technology and smart home automation products to keep their lives in order. Kids, the digital natives, are becoming more active participants in technology, and less passive consumers as evidenced by new robotics, interactive viewing, kid’s wearables and other toys. As children become students, they’ll enter a more connected classroom as lessons are digitized and more personalized to each student’s needs.

Out of a CronLab perspective there is no doubt of that there will be a huge demand for safe browsing via tablets. The problem is that very few wonder about these things today. The tablets of today come packed with nice features and apps, some ready for activating functionality for safety. But most tablets are totally unprotected, and the same goes for smartphones. Today the amount of exploits, attacks and phishing attempts are barely manageable. It is already so that the dark sides of Internet turn focus to the tablet and you as a stressed mobile user will be in their crosshair to a greater extent.

CronLab is today the leading provider of web browsing security services to tablets targeted to kids. Through the very popular Kurio Tab tablet millions of users have already become acquainted with our services. If you want to secure the web browsing experience for your users of tablets, disregarding whether it is in the business, youth or kids segment, we can make it happen for you.