How we do it

agile-method-sprintOur services are developed with modern technologies and agile methods.
The technologies used are chosen depending on the problem they are to solve.

We love our velvet wall board where we handle the current sprint, as well as the back up system in Atlassian Jira. The backlog is our most valued list, where we find all good ideas come to life in our sprint planning. We keep our retrospectives short and crisp in the descriptions. Focus on what was good and the equally important topic of what can be improved in the next sprint.

We can deploy our servers wherever needed in the world. But primarily we use a global leader of infrastructure services for our deployments. They provide us so much flexibility and power as we need that there is no need in running own servers today.

In router libraries we mainly use C/C++. For our administrative portal PHP, HTML and Python is used. For our analytical functionality Python makes our day. But as mentioned, what ever technology or method that makes most sense for each opportunity and challenge is used by us.