Safer Internet Day

Today there is a special focus on web surfing security through the Safer Internet Day. You can read more about this through the links to the right.

There is definitely a need for this focus. Many children and adults are confronted by malicious links in emails or on web pages, bad language in social networks or tricked to leave personal or credit card information through a seemingly harmless web page form. By informing ourselves and talking about this at work, in schools and at home we can take the first an most efficient step towards a safer internet. You can also complement this by using tools that discovers the things you don’t want to see or pages you don’t want to visit, before you do it.

CronLab provide companies with tools, API’s and services to increase safety and control in their own products. We also provide cloud based services to any company in need of web filtering solutions. We know of more than 16 billion URL’s and in which category they belong and you are in control of what your company can and should not visit on the web. It is not about censoring, it’s about protecting. In the same way that you lock the door to keep thieves out or shut the windows to keep people from falling out.

If you want to know more about what CronLab is doing for a safer internet, not just today, please give us a call or drop us an email and we can get into deeper discussions on your needs and wants.

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