Router Integration

Presently (Jan 2017) there are more than 1,100 routers for professional or home use running, or are supported for running, OpenWRT as the base operative system environment (firmware) for routing TCP/IP traffic (ref.

CronLab has developed an extension to OpenWRT that enhances the system with our web filtering services. The software extension does not alter any base functionality provided by OpenWRT. So if your router supports OpenWRT as router firmware and you want it to work with the CronLab Web Filter service this is the time to call us. It is as simple as receiving an OpenWRT-based firmware from us for installation into your router. Of course we will test the fully implemented system that you want it to run in before we send you a firmware to use.

If you have a router that doesn’t use OpenWRT as firmware and operating system environment, but you still want the CronLab Web Filtering service, you will not be left alone with your desires. We have experience from integrating our services with other router manufacturers’ products and are not afraid of exploring your product to see how we can make it work together with our services.

The integrated router software is configured using either an custom made administrative portal in the cloud or through an app (Android/iOS). If you have a group of routers they are visualized and controlled as individuals or with grouped settings through the administrative portal.