Ease of use vs. functionality

It is not hard at all to find more than ten different suppliers of IT security products to any problem you might have. And all of them are pretty anxious to get your attention and very willing to give you a good price. But how many of them are pushing the importance of ease of use? The tool may be as inexpensive as zero investment and solve any IT security problem you might dream up, but if it is difficult to understand or use, no one will bother in the end. Your colleagues will find their own way of solving their own problems and mitigating any security policy, if that will make them more productive.

The link we provide you with to the right is bringing this issue up in a delicate way. Don’t miss educating your staff when you have found your favorite IT security tool. With CronLab tools the staff don’t need to mind that much, since we always aim to be unobtrusive to the end user. Only the IT technician or manager is required to dig in deeper in managing and using our software, and you are up and running within minutes if you know your way around your network.

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