Custom integration

CronLab has got a long history of success integrating our services into our customers’ products. Our stable and scalable platform for performing web filtering with a high degree of granularity and functional settings is highly appreciated by our customers.

If you have a product that use the Internet for browsing or connecting to devices, there is a likelihood that you need our services. The threats on the Internet must be taken seriously and common threats are phishing scams for user information or cross site scripting, or to block unwanted content reached unintentionally through an ambiguous link for instance.

The common platform used for web filtering and the control of the services has been developed by CronLab since 2010 and is thoroughly tested through the use of it by more than a million users. There has never been any lack of performance or capability since the start.

In a custom integration of our web filter services we start by sitting down discussing through all aspects of your product, your need and what and how you want the integration and control of the service to work. From there we decide what we are to offer you in terms of development and test efforts. A custom integration will cover aspects including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Your product operative system and development environment
  • Your product hardware capabilities and limitations
  • Functionality requirements on the integration
  • Administrative tools, functionality and implementation
  • Security aspects

CronLab is a very customer focused company in this respect and we will listen to any request and do our best in making a swift and qualitative delivery.

If you are looking for customized web filter integration in your products, don’t hesitate to contact us through our sales number or contact form found below, or by sending us an email at