CronLab Web Filtering Capabilities

Some of you know that what CronLab does is to make sure that only the allowed and secure web pages make it to your browser. We are especially focused on integrating web filter services into our customers’ products with the intent to make the products and the use of them more secure or the block inappropriate or unwanted content.

To create a stable, reliable and high performing service we develop a specific back end server platform that handles the requests from our customers. The backend is a combination of code developed in C, C++, Python and PHP, depending on the problem the code segments are to solve. This is what makes it so unique and flexible compared to a standard proxy server implementation. There you are limited to the functionality and performance of a standard developed proxy server. By using a CronLab web filtering service you have the possibility of influence the functionality, appearance and functionality. Since we integrate our services into others products we need to be customer centric, not just talk about being it.

At CronLab we base our web filtering services upon URL (web page address) categorisation. The decision on what is to be shown in the end user web browser, or other product, is decided by policy rules set by an administrator in control of the service, linked to a group of users. For this to be a useful service we need to have a large database of web page addresses being categorised and also having it frequently updated to be able to detect recently set up malicious web pages. Our database is guaranteed to be of top quality and maintained and updated with high frequency to stay alert on new threats appearing.

Below are some statistics with regards to our services and the usage of them:

  • We have more than 18 billion URLs are categorized in our database
  • There are more than 180 main and sub-categories in our systems and they are translated into around 200 languages
  • Around 14 of the categories are relating to IT security (Malicious/Infected)
  • Our systems are today handling around 1,4 million requests/day
  • During peak load hours we handle around 10 000 requests/minute (during Christmas holidays)
  • We have more than 1 million activated devices spread all over the world using our system
  • During a 30-day period we measured about 120 000 of these active devices actually being used regularly

You can rest assured that we will do everything capable of keeping your products and end users free of threats and unwanted content.

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