CronLab has the right strategy

In the study “Redefining Boundaries: Insights from the Global C-suite Study” IBM asked more than 5,000 C-level executives from 70 countries on what they believe will be important for the coming five years. Most CxOs agree that cloud computing and mobile solutions will continue to play a key role, while the Internet of Things is expected to make a big impact as well.

In the study Ian Cunningham, COO, Tangerine Bank, Canada, put it rather well when it comes to making decisions for a company, large or small:

It’s really hard to predict the rapidly evolving technology environment; you don’t know what you don’t know but you’re still trying to stay ahead of it. 

This puts it very well when comes to a small company like CronLab, that relies on being innovative and customer focused, to a higher extent than the large corporations like Google, Apple and IBM ever needs to be.

But it’s extremely satisfactory to see that CronLab has chosen a path that is in line with what the study reveals. CronLab is focusing in the top three categories visualised in the diagram below. After having set the strategy here at CronLab we will now break this down into new opportunities, development projects and customer discussions. We believe we are a company oft the future!

Infographic: These Technologies Will Shape the Near Future | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

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